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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. the love for perez and valerio were evident today in san francisco. that was the final bell which rang out at the ends of today's funeral mass for the two men. perez and valerio died last week when they were caught in a flash over while they were fighting a fire. st.mary's cathedral was filled to capacity as family, friends, and even strangers came to say goodbye. the mile long motorcade with thousands of firefighters is making the trip as well through parts of san francisco and interstate 280. the two men are being laid to rest during a private burial service at holy cross cemetery
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in culma. there were so many powerful and emotional moments before, during and after the ceremony today. we begin with mike mibach who attended those services and is now outside of st. mary's cathedral. >> it was a very powerful funeral service that was filled with a lot of emotional moments, including the words of vince perez's alex. he told about when he heard the news that of his brothers death. he talked about how he had hoped he had been in that house with his brother. outside st. mary's cathedral, a wall of blue awaited their
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arrival. an honor guard within a hero or two. this was the catholic funeral service for lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio. together they saved lives, they battled fire and today together they were remembered. >> vincent tony gave it all and for that we will be eternally grateful. >> we loved your sons and they will always be with us. god bless you vincent perez and anthony valerio. you touched our lives and we will never forget you. >> reporter: vincent perez from the army, to the police department, to fire station 26. >> i knew no question my
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brother went to battle, with the best of the best. >> reporter: tony valerio, he surfed the waters off ocean beach and road the wave to station 26. >> tony lived life to the fullest and we should follow his example. tony died doing something he loved. >> reporter: the helmets they wore now in the hands of those they loved. where memories of heros can forever be close to their hearts and those they want to battle with. >> together, gentleness and strength went into battle, and together gentleness and strength left us. thank you for your service and your live, may you rest in peace. the last alarm for perez and valerio was sounded by engine 26 company captain. a final prayer was said and the
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final procession began. at the end of the program, was the firefighters' prayer. the prayer ends, and if according to your will i am to lose my life. please bless me with your protected hand, my family i leave behind. ktvu news. today's services were attended by many state and local leaders. governor jerry brown, nancy pelosi, former mayor and now lieutenant governor gavin newsom were all at hand but did not speak at the gathering. mayor lee did speak about the daily risk faced by firefighters and police. >> we are reminded that every time we hear the wail of the fire engine's alarm, the men and women on board are prepared to protect us. firefighters left their home stations to staffer san francisco fire houses. so those firefighters could
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attend today's service in honor of their fallen brothers. ktvu's ken pritchett live in the city on more on this show of support, ken. >> reporter: this is the fire station of the fallen firefighters. it has been closed all day. but every fire station in the city has been open to protect lives and property. and that's thanks to a lot of help from the outside. at san francisco fire station seven, engines from the hayward fire station rolled out on call. about 450 firefighters from around the bay area arrived early this morning to help. >> in the hardest times, the brotherhood of the fire service steps up and we're going to take care of business. >> reporter: it took several days to plan for outside firefighters to take on duties on unfamiliar streets. >> we have overhead wires, we have narrow streets, parked cars, we have buildings set back. >> reporter: they were briefed before they filled their roles
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and stations. so half of san francisco's firefighters normally on duty today could attend services. >> and we have in position throughout the city to back fill a few engine companies that we have that are working right now. >> reporter: and shortly after the flag was raised, the first call came. >> they are a family, they take care of one another. they are our family as well because they take care of us. >> reporter: for the neighbors here who watched the response. there were thanks for putting out the fire and for allowing other san francisco firefighters the chance to say goodbye. >> right about now, or within the next hour those visiting firefighters should be heading home as san francisco firefighters resume their stations. in san francisco ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. all around the bay area firefighters followed the
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service today on television. at oakland station 20, firefighters watched the coverage gathered around their station television. following that funeral a huge procession of firefighters is following the caskets and making its way to holy cross cemetery in culma. we want to show you more pictures now of that procession from news chopper two. that is 280 the southbound lanes that you are seeing there. 280 on the southbound directions have been completely shut down so that this procession can proceed impeded from any cars. it is shut to 101. this procession is huge, estimates are that it could be a mile long heading there to the holy cross cemetery. we will continue to follow its progress. some of the most compelling scenes from today have been
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taking place in the streets of san francisco. john sasaki is here now and shows us what people who don't even know the firefighters have been doing as that funeral procession passed by, john. >> reporter: frank, we're standing at market and valencia. the procession just passed by about 10 minutes ago, thousands of people along this rout have been out watching and this is an imagine they will in not soon forget. >> after the funeral, the miles long procession included fire stations from across the state and across north america. >> it just makes me feel proud first of all as a citizen. >> reporter: people stopped by and watched as the procession road by. even saluted. >> i think it's a wonderful celebration of two heroic firefighters work and life. i appreciate what they do. >> reporter: that's how it was before the ceremony as well. around noon a smaller procession of family and
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friends accompanied the bodies of perez and valerio. this woman watched with her son. >> i have picked feelings because he's only five. but i want him to know that people who help us have dangerous jobs and sometimes it does not go very well. >> trying to clean it up. make it look good and show our support to the family. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we will take you to an old time san francisco restaurant where people were moved by watching the television coverage of the funeral. through tears and with visible love and affection friends and family shared stories of the men they said lived life to the fullest. much was said vincent perez economy of words. and valerio's gift of love. >> one of hislines to elderly
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women when he was helping me up he would say, hug me like your husband. and after he put them down he would say, i don't think you loved your husband that much, i didn't feel it. >> in closing, lieutenant o'conner remembers vincent perez and tony valerio as men who had every gift, but many years. firefighters came from across the country who filed into neighboring sacred high high school to watch the funeral services. our coverage continues on our website there we've posted a slide show of today's memorial service. you can also watch more video of the funeral. just look under the sf
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firefighters funeral tab. the cpuc said pg & e failed to buy enough generating capacity to ensure the reliable operation of their grid. for the second straight week, stocks lost ground. fears of the local economy caused stocks to drop. california lawmakers plan to work through the weekend in an effort to come up with a budget before the june 15 deadline. democrats in the state senate today pushed through several measures as part of a revised budget. part of that included restoring some education and welfare cuts because an unexpected $6.6 billion increase in revenues.
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most of the measures passed on party line votes. if the legislators do not pass a budget by june 15, a new state law will forfeit their pay until they do. several members of congress from california are asking governor brown to opt out of a homeland security program designed to deport dangerous criminals. they have written a letter to brown calling for him to suspends participation in the secure communities program. it's designed to catch illegal immigrants immigrants --
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vincent and tony were our gentleness and our strength. one is remembered as a fireman's fireman, the other called himself the people's paramedic. san francisco tonight mourning the loss of two fallen fire fighters and we have more pictures now of that huge funeral procession that's making its way from st. mary's cathedral in san francisco to holy cross cemetery in culma. these are live pictures again. it's going in the south direction and they've completely shut down 480 so this procession can go by. see all those people gathered in the overpass to watch it go by. we've seen that over and over with folks saluting, holding up signs saying we love firefighters, etc. etc. we are going to continue to follow this. they're going to get off on the seremoni boulevard and continue there to the cemetery. we will continue to have
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coverage as this procession goes on. now to the south bay where it was a huge fight. five people were stabbed. tonight police want to know why that brawl broke out near san jose state university. janine de la vega live in san jose, this isn't the first time the problems have happened at that very intersection where you are. >> yeah, gasia that's right. this all went down in the parking lot of mcdonalds here at third street and san carlos. this has been a problem spot where lots of people loiter. >> they just started fighting like there's 50 people. martinez says all the commotion prompted her to come outside of her house at ben and jerry's. just before 10:00, two officers in the area saw the fight as they were patrolling. >> it turned into an all out melee where a number of people were stabbed and hit. >> reporter: the crowd dispersed as soon as police arrived. two people were stabbed, they
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are expected to survive. investigators are looking into whether surveillance video from mcdonalds captured any of the chaos. it appears a group of latino and black teenagers were involved. neighboring business say they are upset because police ignored their calls before the fight. >> the crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger. >> reporter: many business owners are afraid to talk on camera in fear of retaliation. >> they're not fighting food at mcdonalds or eating, why are they hanging out? for drugs, for drugs. >> they're just trying to come up with a solution, we're talking to the police department, they say they don't have the resources to do anything about what's going on here downtown. >> reporter: the police chief says now with music in the park happening every thursday they will look at beefing up security. no arrests have been made in
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this case. police suspect that some involved may have gang affiliation but they're still investigating. we called mcdonalds to see if they had any comment as far as having any security on their part but they did not return our phone calls. reporting from downtown san jose, janine de la vega. the san francisco medical exam examiner is conducting tests. firefighters reporting to a small grass fire found the partially burned fire this morning. they consider the death to be suspicious. police say the person was dead before the remains were set on fire. the identity of the victim has not been released. the napa county police department released the surveillance video of a man robbing a bank on american canyon road just before 6:00 p.m. he told the teller he had a gun. authorities won't say how much money he got away with. witnesses say he ran south from the safeway store. three survivors of the joplin, missouri tornado have
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died from a rare fungal infections. all three had prior health problems. a total of eight cases since the disaster. the fungus is found in oil and vegetation and can grow under the skin sending toxins through the body. temperatures rose 20 degrees in just 20 minutes causing 50-mile an hour winds to roar through the city. meteorologists call this a heat burst which is caused when rain flying at high altitude causes air to cool. a heat wave continues to grip most of the nation today including washington, d.c. where temperatures hit 102 degrees yesterday. the highest june temperature ever recorded. five people have died from the hot weather in the northeast
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this week alone. in all more than 1,400 record temperatures have been set across the united states since the first of the month. waves up to 30 feet high at times are battling coastal areas of chile. the country is seeing a rare weather pattern. this video here you see waves crashing over and over again. no one has been hurt but people near the shore are told to evacuate. >> crazy weather all over, but here a beautiful day today. >> our weather finally stabilizing across the bay area. the fog a factor this morning quickly pulling back. clear skies expect fog is showing up near parts of the san mateo coastline. winds have been cranking up, sfo had a wind gust of up to 45 miles per hour last hour. the buoy in the middle of the
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bay. the over all theme at least in the short term probably guess that fog will be in the increase once again with gusty winds. so late tonight into early tomorrow morning, increasing fog and we'll be watching that as we do head into your saturday morning. basically for the remainder of the weekend as well. at least for the late night and early morning hours. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning. coolest locations in the upper 40s. and oakland right around 54. you can see the fog hanging out in the parts of the shoreline. everyone a few patches well inland. here's a look at the fog forecast model as they do take it into tomorrow morning. here we go clouds with an increase. we should have low coverage, tomorrow morning at 6:00. you can see what happens as we do take this into the afternoon hours. temperatures will be cooling off for your saturday coming up i'll let you know how much of a cooldown you can expect. also a warning if you're headed
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up to the sierra. in the bay area they live in the streets, but in washington, d.c. they'll be playing soccer on the streets. about a dozen homeless men and women from san francisco are competing in the u.s. street soccer tournament in washington, d.c. they're playing against teams made up of other homeless people from 17 cities. it's a way to bring attention to homelessness and also help these men and women get their lives together. >> to be out again, i had a broken neck three months ago so i'll be able to move my legs. it's amazing. i didn't even know this was going on. >> the final will advance to the world cup which will be held in france this friday. the fight to release the photos of a dead osama bin laden takes a new legal turn. who is suing to get those pictures released.
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tonight, we have continuing coverage for a farewell of two firefighters. from the somber moments in the church to the procession. we continue to bring you the latest.
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we watch each other's backs together, and sometimes we die together and sometimes we are buried together. together in life and now in
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death. two fallen firefighters lieutenant vincent perez and tony valerio are remembered. many joined me in the procession. we'll give you a live look from chopper 2. it appears the procession is now off the freeway off of southbound 280. they are going to go on to ceremony boulevard on to collins then on to camino real. it appears the beginning of the procession is off the freeway, it's about a mile long line of vehicles. southbound 280 at this point is still closed for the entire procession to make its way to the cemetery. we will keep checking in on chopper two because this may be affecting your plans in the area. today we got a first look at how the boundaries of congressional assembly and senate lines will look in the
5:27 pm
future. prop 11 created the california citizens redistricting commission selected from a group of average californians creating new political boundaries. the legislature created the new borders including these for congressional districts many of which had less to do with logic or geology and more to do with protecting incumbents. the commission's first draft of new commissioner districts has more uniform borders. the public has until august 15 to comment on the new congressional assembly state senate and board of equalization districts. president obama and house speaker john boehner have just rounded out a golf date. both the president and speaker are avid golfers, they have never played together before. that could give them a chance to talk issues.
5:28 pm
no one has said exactly where it will be. >> leon panetta visited pakistan in an effort to rebuild relations with that country. panetta is expected to become the next secretary of defense. he spoke to military leaders to track down targets. the u.s. is reaching out after the unilateral operation. american officials say pakistan is crucial in the fight against al-qaida and u.s. efforts to withdraw troops from afghanistan. a conservative legal group has failed suit over the death photos of osama bin laden. the obama administration has refused to release pictures after he was killed. the group is now going to court to try and get them released.
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so many firefighters wanted to attend today's funeral, there wasn't room for all of them. we'll tell you where they went.
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over flowing with grief. thousands of people come out today to pay their final respects to two fallen san francisco firefighters. so many people wanted to attend that they had to open up a near by gym and even then initially they did not have enough chairs. even firefighters from out of state were on hand today. >> reporter: as large as st. mary's cathedral is, everyone it couldn't hold all the firefighters who came here.
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so many were directed to sacred heart prep school about a block away where they could watch the services on television. firefighters came from throughout the bay area, from throughout california and everyone from throughout the country. they may not have known lieutenant vincent perez or tony valerio, but it didn't matter. >> our goal is to keep firefighters safe. when that doesn't happen we make sure we support not only the firefighters but the families that have offered the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: they came by the hundreds to the gymnasium. seats filled up fast and more chairs had to be brought in. firefighters say it's important for them to be here. >> it strikes extremely close to home. i lost my best friend years ago. lost many close friends along
5:33 pm
the way, it's very similar to people losing a family member. >> it's my third funeral this year, it's very tough. >> reporter: one firefighters came with his wife and newborn baby, perhaps moments seem more precious now. about a dozen recruits from the alameda fire academy watched the screens seeing for themselves the risks involved in fire fighting and the grief it can leave behind. >> every fighter gets into this building and why i'm getting into this business is helping people. and that's what we do. we know the risks before we take on this challenge. >> reporter: following the service, many firefighters had to leave san francisco quickly to get back to work. the same work that caused two san francisco firefighters their lives. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a sister of fallen firefighters lieutenant vincent perez reached out to those who worked with her brother, comforting them as she spoke directly about his brother's reserve. >> because he was a man of few words at work, truly a great leader, and a man of action, some of you loved him so and
5:34 pm
wonder if he loved you back. well, i am here to tell you, yes, he did. >> perez said her brother loved deeply and lived in the now not regretting the past or thinking about the future but rather giving undivided attention to what he was doing at the very moment. our coverage continues on our website there we have posted a slide show of the coverage for you. look under the sf firefighters tab. it was a proud day for dozens of students in fremont and a special graduation had a very special guest. ktvu's paul chambers now on the ceremony. >> the celebration just wrapped up in the last 15 minutes. parents and students are making their way out here. they said goodbye to a man who served for more than three decades and were addressed by the state's superintendent. it's a proud day at the
5:35 pm
california school for the deaf. many of this class have high hopes. >> he wants to be the first deaf rapper. and the sky is the limit when it comes to him. >> reporter: 85% will be attending college in the fall. something that some say without this cool would be nearly impossible. >> they take the time to learn your child and for your child to learn school. >> reporter: without the california school for -- >> without the california school for the deaf all his goals probably wouldn't have been met. >> they have staff who focus and give assessments and make sure that their learning, make sure their progressing and not falling through the cracks. >> reporter: superintendent clapit has been in charge of the school. after 3.5 decades of service, he will be retired and will be deeply missed. >> it really is hitting the student hard because of his leadership style, his elite and
5:36 pm
what deaf people can do. >> reporter: mclafie says he will miss all the students. many have returned as teachers, counselors, even principals. some san francisco can i keupbder depart kindergarteners are earning money for college. german health officials say the cause of that deadly e.coli outbreak has been linked to sprouts. the health department says even though no tests of the sprouts have come back positive. the investigation of the pattern of the outbreak pointed
5:37 pm
them to the sprouts. with these findings, germans are being said it is okay to eat tomato, cucumbers and lettuce again. panetta said the next fight the u.s. fights will not be on the ground, it'll be in cyber space. he warned lawmakers of a possible cyber attack crippling our financial system. and security experts agree. >> the problem with this it's not a static threat. it's not like we get bombed by the japanese, we go invade japan and it's over. these systems are very, very advanced. the federal government is pressuring banks to do more to stop hackers from getting your personal information. this -pl cos as citigroup revealed this week that hackers
5:38 pm
stole the names, numbers and e- mail addresses of more than 200,000 customers. the government specifically wants banks to develop tougher procedures to log on to accounts. it would require longer pass words and making customers change those pass words more frequently. a startling comment from a well known comedian. what he jokes he would do to his son if his son said he was gay. and why the gay community is now furious. boxes, boxes and boxes of e- mails. sarah palin's thousands of e- mail messages are being released today. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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a day of prayer, song and love for two san francisco firefighters. as thousands gather to honor lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio. a former saturday night live star is apologizing today for a anti gay comment. he told the audience he would quote stab his son to death if
5:42 pm
he said he was gay. the gay community says that an apoll apology is not enough. tracy morgan isn't the only star ranting. the controversial san francisco proposal that prompted a movie star to take to twitter. the biggest revelation so far from palin's e-mails is that she doesn't much trust the media. that's probably not much of a surprise to the 17 media networks. even though they contained 750,000 e-mails they didn't contain everything. >> the executive deliberate process is a reason, some are nonrecords, they have nothing to do with state business so those aren't going to be released. >> reporter: each of those boxes weighed 50 pounds. disgraced u.s. congressman weiner is apologizing today not for his twitts we've been telling you about but for all
5:43 pm
the attention. the congressman wrote this apology note to his neighbors who live in his queens apartment building. in his note he asks neighbors to forgive all the inconvenience of all the press. he says i'm sorry for all that i have done that i have now impacted you, hopefully this will soon past. this is why he apologized. this is him when he left to work yesterday morning, cameras surrounded his building. rod blagojevich is charged with attempted extortion and bribery. he tried to sell the senate seat that was vacated by president obama. the former governor took the stand for this second trial. he said he did not intend to sell the seat but was working to make a political deal to get legislation passed. newt gingrich says h he says he is still in the race for the white house.
5:44 pm
>> i am candidate for the presidency of the united states. because i think we are in the obama depression. >> gingrich says his campaign begins begins anew on sunday. already his opponents in the republican field are scrambling to capitalize on on the situation. nicotine can rev up cells that tell people to stop eating. still it is a concern that many smokers site when asked why they don't try to quit. now the question is whether this discovery might lead to better treatments. a stamp that's a misprint back from 1959 fetched $2.6
5:45 pm
million today at a auction in switzerland. this is now the second most expensive stamp in the world. it's known as the error of color because it was mistakingly printed in through instead of orange -- in blue instead of orange. the massive wildfire in arizona is making its way now toward new mexico. what happened today that gave fire crews some hope. we're back on fog watch, coming up the coolest day of the upcoming weekend. also break up of the timing of the next forecast that will include some more 80s. tonight at 6:00, we have continuing live team coverage on today's emotional farewell for two fallen san francisco firefighters. >> he was a fireman that most of us lived up to. >> reporter: from the somber moments inside the church to the tearful goodbyes across the bay area. we continue to bring you the latest.
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thousands come out to remember two san francisco firefighters. both remembered as men who found joy in their service and died doing what mattered to them the most. a procession for those two firefighters made it to the cemetery in culma just a few minutes ago. that procession first wound its way through the city then headed south for the holy cross cemetery. there were a number of road closures to help the procession make its way. southbound 280 is shut down between 101 and the sierra mo n te. if you want to find out what the traffic situation is now, you can go to our website and
5:49 pm
click on the traffic page. we have up to the minute traffic information telling you just how slow the procession is. the procession itself was really something. we see the fire trucks carrying the two caskets. you see a lot of people on overcrosses salutes and holding signs as those two firefighters were taken to their final resting spot. to holy cross cemetery in culma. caltrans is doing major repair work up in marin county this weekend. work will be done overnight on the southbound direction from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. and then on the southbound lanes between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the project will be completed in september. football great joe montana will make a personal appearance at
5:50 pm
santa clara council meeting. montana's attorneys tell the mercury news that he's decide to make his pitch in person because he's so excited about the project. firefighters are close to containing a fire. the fire started yesterday in the desert south of apple valley. it burned through grasses and steep terrain. the wallow fire is burning through the new mexico border and has forced hundreds to evacuate. firefighters are burning control fires in an effort to contain the fire. at this point it is only 5%
5:51 pm
contained. here in the bay area it's been a good long time before we've had a nice, clean warm weekend. our meteorologist mark tamayo is here to tell us this could be the one. >> last weekend we were talking about record rainfall. the second weekend of june will be dry. but it's a typical weather pattern which means there'll be fog. the fog will be increasing over the next few hours especially late tonight into early tomorrow morning. highs from today range from 60 in pacifica out toward antioch right around nine. san jose topped out 73 and san rafael 63 degrees. tonight partly cloudy skies, clouds will be developing, this weekends morning low cloud cover. next week we're going going to hold on to mild temperatures. between now and then this
5:52 pm
weather system will be cooling us down. that will import some of the fog tomorrow morning. and then a little bit of a bump in the numbers from sunday but nothing too noticeable and then the next week we'll bring in warmer temperatures. the sierra has been warming so with that, with the record snowfall it could be leading to the higher chance of river flooding, especially for the tributaries especially tahoe. and as you can see a flood watch that begins late tonight lasting into next week. potential flooding in the merced river and this could have an impact on some of the campgrounds in yosemite valley. by 12 12:00 partly cloudy. by 3:00 gusty winds once again. especially coast side right around the bay. temperatures most areas cooling off a little bit from today's highs. that means 70s inland out toward santa rosa, concord and
5:53 pm
livermore. san jose tops out 69, san mateo 63 degrees. temperatures trending just a little bit warmer, just slightly warmer on sundays. then we're going to warm thins up for monday, tuesday and wednesday. microclimates coming up, keeping it cool for the beaches. possibly a few upper 80s for next week. >> we've been waiting for this weekends for months. it is a unique opportunity, some of the giant's top players trying their hand at designing their own jerseys. how you can get your hands on one of them, next. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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you want to buy a jersey or t-shirt personally designed by san francisco giant players, cody ross, matt cane and tim lincecum showed off their designs today. they spept a little time during spring training to come up with their own designs for spring jerseys and t-shirts -- they spent a little time. >> it's pretty cool. just taking the experience of designing your own jersey and incorporating things you like, things that you remember, things that went on in such a special season, especially after the world series. >> the items are licensed by the players association, they'll be available at sporting goods stores and online. coming up in just 90 seconds. >> an economic coalition says the that the bush is not only
5:57 pm
off the bush but it is definitely off the apple. steve jobs in the spotlight, still ahead. and it's been an emotional day for family and friends of lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio. we continue our live coverage on the tribute to the fallen fire fighters coming up in just 90 seconds.
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two fallen firefighters are laid to rest after a final farewell fit for two heros. right now family and fire